DFN-Housed GaN Transistors Target Low-Power Radar, Datalinks

DFN-Housed GaN Transistors Target Low-Power Radar, Datalinks

Continuous-wave (CW) gallium-nitride (GaN) HEMT RF transistors packaged in dual-flat no-leads (DFNs) offer the highest power of their type, according to developer Cree. Aimed at sub-100-W commercial radar and data-link amplifier applications, the 6-W CGHV1F006S and 25-W CGHV1F025S obsolete the use of inefficient gallium-arsenide (GaAs) transistors in C- and X-Band frequencies. They also can replace short-life tube-base technology for radar apps such as weather, marine, and surveillance. Cree says the transistors, based on its 40-V, 0.25-µm gate-length, high-frequency process, deliver twice the PSAT efficiency and transistor gain of GaAs IMFETs in a 20-times smaller package. In addition, they double the linear efficiency of GaAs-based amplifiers. The DFN transistors fit as drivers for the company’s CGHV96100 and CGHV96050F2 FETs for X-Band, enabling the output and drive stage transistors to operate from the same voltage rail.



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