Digital Isolators Boost Clock Speed Sixfold For SPI Communications

Digital Isolators Boost Clock Speed Sixfold For SPI Communications

According to Analog Devices (ADI), its ADuM315x SPIsolator digital isolator family is over six times faster, over 80% smaller, and cost up to 85% less than competing optocoupler- or digital-isolator-based solution for serial peripheral interface (SPI) communications systems. Based on the company iCoupler digital isolator technology, the devices support up to 40-MHz SPI speeds due to low propagation delay and jitter in the CLK, MO-SI, MI-SO, and SS channels. The isolators support the maximum sample rate for certain ADI 12-, 16-, and 19-bit precision analog-to-digital converters. Along with commonly required low-speed status and control signals, the devices integrate high-level functionality to help simplify isolation of high-speed SPI signals. The family’s 3.75-kV rms isolation rating will be followed by devices rated to 5 kV rms later this year. SPI communications applications include distributed control systems, programmable logic controllers, and sensor monitors for industrial automation, instrumentation equipment, and motor control


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