Electronic Design

Digital Power Controller Targets High Efficiency Supplies


The ADP1046 digital power controller has been specifically designed for high efficiency AC-to-DC power supplies used in server, storage and networking applications and isolated DC-to-DC supplies including intermediate bus and radio power amplifier applications. It can be used to control and drive most power supply topologies including resonant mode for high efficiency. The controller has seven PWM logic outputs that can be programmed using a GUI with I2C interface. Pin compatible with the company's existing ADP1043A, the ADP1046 provides greater flexibility while introducing advanced features such as voltage feed-forward for fast line transient response; dedicated control loop configuration to improve loop response and reduce output noise; and adaptive dead-time control for enhanced efficiency. Available now in a 32-lead LFCSP, the ADP1046 is priced at $4.50 each/1,000.



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