Electronic Design

Digital Signal Controller IC Features

  • 30-MIPS core processor with 16-bit arithmetic logic unit, 16-by-16 multiplier-accumulator, dual 40-bit accumulators
  • Push-pull 16-bit pulse-width modulator with 1-ns duty cycle resolution and phase-shiftable outputs
  • 20-ns analog comparators with programmable references
  • Analog comparator can terminate the PWM pulse early, enabling cycle-by-cycle current limiting
  • 10-bit ADC with 2-Msample/s rate
  • Sample and hold ((S&H) circuits
  • Flash program memory
  • SRAM data memory
  • 1% accurate internal RC oscillator with phase-locked loop
  • UART,, SPI, and I2C interfaces
  • 16//32-bit timers
  • I//O ports
  • 3.0-- to 5.5-V input range
  • –40°C to 125°C temperature operation
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