Electronic Design

Digital Voltage Regulator Saves Space And Power

Hailed as the industry’s first 40A PMBus-compliant point-of-load, single-in-line voltage regulator, the vertical-mount BMR464-SIP (BMR4642002) module measures 33 mm x 7.6 mm x 18.1 mm and delivers a 132W output. It accepts input voltages from 4.5V to 14V and provides a 0.6V to 3.3V output with a typical efficiency of 97.2% at 5Vin, 3.3Vout, and 50% load. A synchronization feature allows several regulators to lock to a common switching frequency to eliminate beat frequencies. This also reduces EMI filtering complexity and the number of necessary external components. Price for the BMR464-SIP (BMR4642002) in OEM quantities is $18.50 each. ERICSSON INC., Plano, TX. (972) 583-6910.

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