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Diode Modules Handle High Voltages And Currents

Diode Modules Handle High Voltages And Currents

For high voltage/current blocking chores, the QRSB165001 and QRD6565001 diode modules employ ribbon-bonded, 67-mm diode elements (two per module) that provide 650A of steady-state current. Also employing a unique corona-resistant package design, the modules offer 11KV/650A single and 6.5KV/650A half-bridge configurations while providing 12-kV isolation to the baseplate. Both the 11,000V/650A single QRSB165001 and the 6,500V/650A dual QRD6565001 feature isolated baseplates, elements matched for series operation, the same mounting height as the company’s 6,500V HVIGBT modules, and spherical convex baseplates for low thermal resistance. Sample prices for the QRSB165001 and QRD6565001 are $620 and $610 each, respectively. POWEREX INC., Youngwood, PA. (800) 451-1415.


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