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Diodes Shield I/O Ports From ESDs & EFTs

Two new series of low distortion steering diode arrays have been developed for protecting high-frequency analog and digital I/O ports against electrostatic discharges (ESDs) and electrical fast transients (EFTs). The PMAD and PMMAD Series diodes are connected between either a rail-to-rail voltage bus or rail-to-ground so as to enable them to clamp and divert overvoltage transients away from sensitive network interface circuits. The arrays offer low capacitance, ensuring signal integrity up to 900 MHz, while complete isolation between adjacent diodes minimizes crosstalk. PMAD diodes come in 14-pin DIPs, with one member of the series, PMAD1108, offered in 16-pin DIPs. PMMAD diodes come in SO-14 and SO-16 packages. Samples are available of any one of the devices.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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