DirectFET Family Slashes On-Resistance To 500 µΩ

DirectFET Family Slashes On-Resistance To 500 µΩ

International Rectifier’s StrongIRFET family of DirectFETs now include 20- to 30-V devices to meet the demands of Hhigh-performance computing and communications applications. Leading the charge is the 20-V IRL6283M, which features an RDS(ON) of 500 µΩ (typical) in a 30-mm2 DirectFET Medium Can package. As such, it will significantly reduce conduction losses for applications such as active ORing and electronic fuses. The RoHS-compliant device, which can be used from 3.3-, 5-, or 12-V rails, offers 15% lower losses at 20 A than comparable PQFN devices in the same form factor, according to the company. Top-side cooling enhances electrical and thermal performance, and wire bond-free construction helps improve reliability.


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