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Discrete RF Devices Drive DTV Tuner Rollout

To help meet the Federal Communications Commission requirement for digital television (DTV) tuners in new television sets, designers can look to a new line of discrete RF devices. The line includes varactors, FETs, dual-gate MOSFETs, pin diodes, and Schottky barrier diodes. Under the new FCC regulation, all but the smallest new television sets sold in the U.S. must be able to receive digital broadcast signals by 2007. The RF solution for DTV tuners includes the discrete components required for the low-noise-amplifier (LNA) gain control and mixer functions in the tuner. The 2SC3607 LNA, available in a PW-MINI package, costs $0.49 each. In a USC package, the 1SV271 tuning varicap diode sells for $0.19 each. Three RF amplifiers are available configured as 9-V dual-gate MOSFETs. In SMQ and USQ packages, the amplifiers cost from $0.27 to $0.55 each. The 3SK260 Schottky diode mixer, in a USQ package, costs $0.13 each. The 1SS315 Schottky diode mixer, in a USC package, sells for $0.23 each. All pricing is for 3000-unit quantities.

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