DrMOS Saves Space In Chip-Embedded Packaging

DrMOS Saves Space In Chip-Embedded Packaging

Infineon’s DrBlade is the first integrated dc-dc driver and MOSFET VR power stage to be implemented in the company’s Blade chip-embedded package technology, which replaces wire or clip bonding and moulding techniques with galvanic processes. Blade also protects the die with a laminate foil.

According to Infineon, this integration reduces the package footprint, package resistance and inductance, and thermal resistance. The DrBlade package measures 5 by 5 mm and has a low profile of 0.5 mm. Optimized pin assignment simplifies printed circuit-board (PCB) layout.

In combination with Infineon’s OptiMOS MOSFETs, the Blade technology suits DrBlade for voltage regulators in the low-voltage segment. Samples are now available, with production devices available in the second quarter of 2013.



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