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Dual Comparator Draws Ultra Low Power

With very high input typical impedance of 1012 ohms, typical low input bias current of 10 pA, and an ultra-low power dissipation of 7.5 µA per comparator, the ALD2303 and ALD2303A dual precision voltage comparators operate on a single supply of 3V, 5V or dual supplies of ±1.5V to ±5V. These devices can drive 200 ohms with a maximum supply current of 20 µA for each comparator. High-output drivers allow sinking current of 60 mA with high gain performance of 100V/mV. The input voltage range includes ground, making this comparator well suited for single-supply, low-level signal detection with high source impedance. Source impedance effects are virtually eliminated. Pinout is industry-standard LM193 type. Outputs are open drain wired in OR configuration, and the outputs can be connected to a higher external voltage than the positive supply. Offset voltages are 1 mV for ALD2303A and 4 mV for ALD2303.


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