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Dual FETKY Saves Space

By mating two n-channel MOSFETs and a Schottky diode in a single SO-14 package, the IRF7335D1 dual FETKY device promises a space reduction of up to 60%. Operating on a standard 12V input, the device is intended for use in synchronous buck converter circuits delivering outputs of 1.7V, 3.3V, and 5V at currents up to 11A. The integrated MOSFETs are said to be individually optimized for control and synchronous switching functions. The control MOSFET provides a low total gate charge and gate-to-drain charge and an on-resistance of 17.5 milliohms. The synchronous MOSFET features an on-resistance of 12.8 milliohms. In addition, the Schottky diode is reported as having a low forward-voltage drop to ensure fast and efficient switching. The complete FETKY is rated at 11A at 100°C. Price is $1.25 each/10,000. INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, El Segundo, CA. (310) 252-7105.


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