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Dual-Input Linear Regulator Touts Auxiliary Control Circuit

A dual-input linear regulator with auxiliary control has been developed for providing a glitch-free 3.3V (±2%) output from a VINPUT, VSTANDBY or 3.3VAUX supply. The CS5233 linear regulator powers output loads directly when VINPUT or VSTANDBY is available, or, alternately, VAUX delivers power to a PFET that transmits its 3.3V supply to the load.
CS5233 IC replaces a two-diode, wired OR circuit that feeds a single input regulator, eliminating voltage headroom and threshold problems associated with channel switching diodes. In 8-lead narrow SOICs or 5-lead D2PAKs, the IC provides up to 500 mA or 1.5A, respectively, with 1 mV of line regulation and 5 mV of load regulation at 10 mA IOUT. The 500-mA regulator costs $0.88 each/10K and the 1.5A regulator, $1.23.


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