Dual-Output Internal Open-Frame Switcher Targets Ultrasound Equipment

Dual-Output Internal Open-Frame Switcher Targets Ultrasound Equipment

A 50-W, dual-output-channel, open-frame internal power supply developed by GlobTek features a programmable variable 10-V dc at 2.6-A to 100-V dc at 0.26-A output in addition to a 12-V, 2-A regulated output. The mini GM93038 switcher will find homes in ultrasound-equipment applications; if an application employs two units in parallel, one or both may be wired for negative voltage (e.g., −10 to −100 V). Output voltage control ranges from 0 to 10 V dc, with a control input impedance of at least 10 kΩ. Input for the medical-grade (60601-1 certified) power supply ranges from 90 to 264 V ac, 50 to 60 Hz. It’s available in Class I via a Molex 26-60-4030 connector using three circuits. To eliminate extra assemblies and reduce cost, the 2MOPP (means of patient protection) unit can be configured with wiring harnesses and customer-specified connectors. It integrates overcurrent, short-circuit, and thermal protection. Other applications include portable medical treatment and monitoring equipment and instruments, hospital equipment, and as a power source for Li-ion battery chargers.


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