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Dual-Output, Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter ICs


What are the available dual-output converter topologies?

Dual-output, nonisolated dc-dc converter ICs include switch-mode, lowdropout (LDO), LDO plus switch-mode, and charge pump types. These ICs are non-isolated converters because there is no dc voltage isolation between the input and output. In contrast, isolated converters employ a transformer to provide I/O isolation.

What types of dual switch-mode converter ICs are available?

In a single package, these switch-mode converter ICs come with one buck and one boost, two buck converters, and two boost converters. Dual switch-mode converter ICs offer higher efficiencies than the other converter topologies.

What are the typical applications for dual switchmode dc-dc converters?

These converters are space-efficient, so their primary applications include battery-based handheld devices.

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