Electronic Design

Dual-Output Quarter Bricks Deliver 40 W

Operating without an attached heatsink, models in the DualQor series of quarter-brick dc-dc converters generate up to 12 A at 3.3 V or 16 A at 2.5 V for a total output power of up to 40 W. These converters use synchronous rectification to achieve efficiencies up to 87% and offer a low package height of 0.43 in. Industry-standard features include a 35- to 75-V input range, a 1.45- by 2.3-in. footprint, and a quarter-brick pinout. The units also provide on/off control, voltage trim, short-circuit protection, output overvoltage protection, and thermal shutdown. Pricing is $104 each per 1000.

www.synqor.com; (888) 567-9596

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