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Dual-Output Step-Down Converters Feature Low Capacitance

The TPS54 series of Swift dc-dc step-down converters from Texas Instruments Inc. include a sequencing pin to accommodate sequencing requirements without the need for external circuitry.

A family of four dual-output dc-dc step-down converters with integrated FETs deliver 2-A and 3-A continuous output current and accommodate input voltages from 4.5 to 28 V. Texas Instruments’ 2-A TPS54283 (300-kHz switching frequency), TPS54286 (600 kHz), 3-A TPS54383 (300 kHz), and TPS54386 (600 kHz) Swift converters reduce input-capacitance by switching each output at 180º out-of-phase. A unique sequencing pin helps designers meet critical sequencing requirements with additional circuitry by allowing the user to select which output ramps up first or to program both outputs to ramp ratio-metrically. Each device features current-mode control and integrates the compensation components to reduce external parts count. The converters have an output voltage accuracy of 1.5% down to 0.8 V and 90% or better efficiency. They come in a 5- by 6-mm, 14-pin HTTSOP package.

Designers who use the SWIFT converters can take advantage of interactive software and other design resources. The SwitcherPro software tool is available free at www.ti.com/analogelab. This interactive tool includes a bill of materials, reference schematic, loop response graphs, and an efficiency curve based on the designer’s input. Additionally, more than a dozen application notes and evaluation modules on TI's TPS54 family of SWIFT ICs are available for download via www.ti.com/swift.

All four converters are available in volume production.
In 1000-unit quantities, the TPS54283 and TPS54286 cost $3.20 each. The TPS54383 and TPS54386 cost $3.40 each.
Visit www.ti.com.

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