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Dual-Power Switches Work With USB Peripherals

This integrated, 3.0V to 5.5V USB dual-power control switch has been specifically designed for self-powered and bus-powered USB computer peripherals. The SP2526 USB switch meets all the specs required for USB compliant power systems and integrates key system control features, such as soft start, over-current protection, fault notification, and enable/disable control. The chip's two independent power switches source 500 mA each and are controlled by separate enables. A 1-ms soft-start and 1.25A short-circuit current limit help to avoid voltage droop in upstream ports and minimize device damage due to excessive current or under voltage supply conditions. The device also features low switch RDSon (80 milliohms), low quiescent current (100 µA), shutdown, under voltage lockout, and full fault protection, including current limiting and thermal shutdown. The SP2526-1 device has an active-high enable, while the SP2526-2 IC has an active-low enable. The SP2526, which is currently offered in either an 8-pin PDIP or 8-pin nSOIC package, starts at $0.99/10,000.

Company: SIPEX CORP. - Sales Department

Product URL: Click here for more information

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