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Earning Market Share And Accolades

According to analysis from Bloomberg News, Prius sales in the U.S. more than doubled from 9918 cars in last year’s first quarter, and they continue to rise. Toyota expects Prius sales to almost double this year to 100,000 cars, up from 53,991 cars last year. And R.L. Polk & Co. says Toyota had a 64% market share of the U.S. hybrid car market, which consisted mostly of the Prius.

Worldwide, well over 300,000 Prius cars have been sold since its introduction in Japan in 1997. Figures from the Electric Drive Transportation Association show that Toyota sold 72,849 Prius cars through August of this year versus 53,761 sold last year. According to Bloomberg, the company more than doubled its sales of hybrid cars and SUVs in the first quarter of this year. Sales rose to 35,474, topping last year’s 16,087, again most of which were Prius cars.

Like other hybrid vehicles such as the Ford Escape, Toyota’s Lexus 400h and Highlander, and Honda’s Civic, Insight, and Accord, the Prius is eligible for a $2000 clean air fuel tax deduction provided by the U.S. IRS in 2005, which lowers to $500 in 2006. It’s also exempt from the U.K.’s London Congestion Charge, which represents a potential annual savings of £1120 for a commuter.

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