EEPROM-Enhanced Programmable Voltage Supervisor Monitors Up To Six Rails

EEPROM-Enhanced Programmable Voltage Supervisor Monitors Up To Six Rails

Simultaneous monitoring of up to six voltage rails from 0.2 to 13.9 V can be achieved with the LTC2933 programmable voltage supervisor with built-in EEPROM. Linear Technology’s supervisor requires no external resistors to set thresholds. Rather, it provides an I2C/SMBus interface to access onboard EEPROM so that users can configure the device and review faults or violation history through the LTpowerPlay graphical user interfaces. Six voltage monitoring channels (including one high-voltage channel) have a range of inputs and 1% guaranteed threshold accuracy over temperature. Each channel can be programmed to one of 256 available overvoltage (OV) and undervoltage (UV) fault or warning thresholds (these can be disabled for margining purposes). Two general-purpose inputs can be configured as manual reset, UV disable, margin enable, or auxiliary comparator inputs. Also, three general-purpose inputs/outputs are mappable to respond to any combination of these user-defined inputs and power-supply faults as “/ALERT” outputs per the SMBus standard, or as interrupts. The LTC2933 operates from 0 to 70°C (commercial version) and ‒40 to 85°C (industrial version) in 16-pin, 5- by 4-mm DFNs or 16-lead SSOPs.


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