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Eighth-Brick DC-DC Converter Challenges Quarter Bricks

The SQ48 dc-dc converters deliver 15 A or 50 W in an eighth-brick package with no heatsink. Current rating is maintained with little or no derating at elevated temperatures and with low airflow. Though the eighth brick is 40% smaller than the standard quarter brick, they're said to offer better thermal performance than competing quarter bricks rated for 20 to 30 A. Available in surface-mount or through-hole versions, the converters are 0.26 in. tall and weigh 15 g. With a 36- to 75-V input, they produce a 1.0- to 5.0-V output. Each unit also has an input differential LC filter. Pricing is $64 each per 1000.

di/dt Inc.
(866) 969-3438; www.didt.com

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