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EL Driver IC Ups Voltage, Slashes Current

From a dc input of 2V to 6V, the IMP560 electroluminescent (EL) lamp driver generates a 120 vacpk-pk drive signal. Moreover, it's claimed that the IC does so with up to 45% lower power consumption than alternative products. EL lamps are used to backlight LCDs and keypads in low-power portable personal communication devices, such as pagers, mobile phones and PDAs.The IC incorporates all four EL lamp driving functions. These include the boost switchmode power supply and its high-frequency oscillator and the high-voltage H-bridge lamp driver and its low-frequency oscillator. By boosting the dc input to a maximum of 120 vacpk-pk rather than 180 vac as does the firm's IMP803, system current is cut from 22 mA to 12 mA.

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