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Electronic Circuit Breaker Limits Downtime

Electronic circuit breaker limits downtime. In factory-automation settings where 24-V switching supplies power multiple loads, the fault on a single load circuit can shut down the power supply, disabling all loads. The ESS20 electronic circuit breaker combines active electronic current limiting with a conventional thermal circuit breaker to selectively protect individual 24-V dc load circuits. This ensures physical isolation of the load circuit if there's an overload or short circuit. The ESS20's thermal trip mechanism is controlled by a solid-state switch, which actively limits inrush currents to a maximum of 1.8 times the rated current, preventing nuisance tripping. It isn't offered by standard thermal-magnetic (TM) circuit breakers, forcing designers to overrate TM breakers. Rated current for the ESS20 is a switch-selectable 3 or 6 A. The 12.5-mm wide ESS20 costs $30 to $50 in production lots.

E-T-A Circuit Breakers
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