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Electronic Design UPDATE: July 13, 2005


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*************************ADVERTISEMENT************************** Ultracapacitors offer a Powerful Boost to HEVs With the recent increases in gas prices, hybrid vehicles are attracting a lot of attention. This no cost technical paper examines Hybrid Electric Vehicle power solutions and discusses how Maxwell's BOOSTCAP ultracapacitors can be used to improve vehicle performance and safety, while reducing costs, in this exciting new industry sector. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3AB:F6E03 **************************************************************** Today's Table Of Contents: 1. Industry View *Power Reduction: Another Benefit Of Signal Integrity 2. Focus On Test & Measurement *Control GPIB Devices Worldwide 3. News From The Editors *AA-Sized Lithium Battery Packs 2 Wh Of Energy *Features And Standards Drive Mobile-Phone Growth *ZigBee-Ready M2M Terminals Replace Cables 4. Magazine Highlights: July 7, 2005 *Cover Story: Engineering Feature -- Time Is Ticking... Lead-Free In A Year Or Else *Technology Report -- Denser, Faster Chips Deliver Knockout DSP Performance *Leapfrog: First Look -- MEMS/Nano Advances Help Quench Sensor-Thirsty Apps *Design View/Design Solution -- Try A Hybrid Flow To Overcome Hierarchical Design Limitations 5. Electronic Design Helpline *Negative-To-Positive Voltage Converters Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Lisa Maliniak, eMedia Editor mailto:[email protected] **************************************************************** Designing With Video Signals Dealing with digital video signals in the analog world can be tricky. Arm yourself with knowledge and download our eBook, "Analog/Mixed-Signal Components For 21st Century Video," by Analog/Power Editor Don Tuite. Chapter 1 covers the basics, and the recently added Chapter 2 discusses interfacing video amps to digital-to-analog converters. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3A8:F6E03 **************************************************************** ********************** 1. Industry View -- Exclusive to Electronic Design UPDATE ********************** Power Reduction: Another Benefit Of Signal Integrity By Joseph Fjelstad, Cofounder of SiliconPipe Signal transmission speeds are now entering the gigahertz range, and understandably, designers are paying considerable attention to signal integrity. The primary objective of most research is to extract the dormant power of semiconductors. While current processors operate at nearly 4 GHz, pc-board performance unfortunately is nominally limited to 800 MHz. A combination of design and manufacturing issues set those limits. Addressing this issue is a complex challenge, especially when the demands of cost and performance collide. This challenge likely will loom larger as the electronics industry moves forward, and increasingly, signal integrity will reside at the heart of potential solutions... Read the complete story at http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E39F:F6E03 **************************************************************** *************************ADVERTISEMENT************************** Shift Into Warp Speed - arrow.national.com. Let National and Arrow assist you in optimizing your interface design by offering you a host of products and services to address today's high-speed data transfer applications. National's interface solutions are ideal for FPGA designs, making them more reliable and robust. And, Arrow's factory-trained technical support and speedy delivery accelerates your time to market. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3AC:F6E03 **************************************************************** ********************** 2. Focus On Test & Measurement ********************** ***Control GPIB Devices Worldwide The GPIB AnyWhere software offers network access to a GPIB controller and to all of the instruments connected to it by adding a VXI-11 service to the PC with the GPIB controller. It creates a software bus extension and access solution that uses the existing company and Internet networks and eliminates the need for additional bus-extension hardware. As a result, users can share instruments from anywhere in the world, access equipment at remote test sites, debug test programs on production hardware from their desktops, or provide a GPIB gateway for Unix/Sun/Apple and other Unix-like machines. VXI-11 is a communication standard developed by the VISA consortium in conjunction with the VISA transition library and the full VISA specification. GPIB AnyWhere ships with a VXI-11 keyboard utility program that lets users interactively control GPIB devices. The utility runs in either the host PC or in a remote WIN32 PC. GPIB AnyWhere will be included free with each ICS GPIB controller. Users of non-ICS controllers can buy the software for $200. A free 30-day trial copy is available at the ICS Web site. ICS Electronics ==> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3A7:F6E03 ********************** 3. News -- From The Editors ********************** ***AA-Sized Lithium Battery Packs 2 Wh Of Energy The TLM-1550HP from Tadiran Batteries packs 2 Wh of energy into an AA-sized cell. This high-voltage/high-rate lithium battery is specifically designed for applications requiring high power, long life, and extended storage, such as military and aerospace systems, portable medical devices, and wireless sensors. It features a 4-V open-circuit voltage, and it can handle pulses of up to 15 A with 5-A maximum continuous load. The battery offers long life in extreme environmental conditions, including a self-discharge rate of less than 3% per year at room temperature. Its operating temperature ranges from -40 deg. C to 85 deg. C. The TLM-1550HP is a safe design using solvents that are nontoxic and nonpressurized. In addition, the anode material is less reactive than that found in most other lithium cells. Pricing is $6 in large quantities. Lead time is eight weeks. Tadiran Batteries ==> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3AE:F6E03 ***Features And Standards Drive Mobile-Phone Growth After a sluggish first quarter, mobile-phone production will rise in the second quarter and for the remainder of 2005, according to market researcher iSuppli. Mobile-phone production in the first quarter of 2005 amounted to 173 million units, down 13% from the fourth quarter of 2004. The second quarter will increase 4% over the first quarter. Shipments will continue to rise to 206 million in the fourth quarter. New subscribers and replacement handsets both will drive this growth. Developing nations such as China and India will continue to see strong subscriber growth. However, growth will increasingly come from replacement or upgrade sales of phones that include new standards, features, and functionality. Embedded cameras were in 32.5% of mobile phones in 2004, and iSuppli predicts they will be in 85% in 2009. MP3 music playback is the next consumer feature being embedded in mobile phones. MP3 penetration in handsets is expected to amount to 15% this year, and it will rise to 50% in 2009. iSuppli Corp. ==> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3B0:F6E03 ***ZigBee-Ready M2M Terminals Replace Cables The IP-Link 2000 machine-to-machine (M2M) network terminals replace cables by providing ZigBee wireless-communication functionality to a standard RS-232 interface. The terminals will serve the market demand for low-cost and low-power wireless networks. They best suit low-data-rate, short-range applications, such as serial data acquisition, and remote monitoring and control. In addition to short-range wireless networking, the IP-Link 2000 terminals can be connected to the GPRS/CDMA terminal family to provide a total wide- and local-range M2M wireless network. IP-Link 2000 terminals come in IEEE 802.15.4-compliant 2.4-GHz or 915-MHz versions to operate in global or regional ISM bands. The terminals function in the RS-232/RS-485 transparent serial modes that can seamlessly route serial data at 38.4 kbits/s over a mesh or multihop wireless network. Helicomm ==> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3AF:F6E03 *************************ADVERTISEMENT************************** Put Your Electronic Engineering IQ to the Test with Mentor Graphics Electronic Design has teamed up with Mentor Graphics to test your Electronic Engineering IQ. Take a bash at the questions and you'll be in with a chance of winning a handsome Sony Playstation Portable device -- perfect for movies, MP3, and games. We'll also be throwing a few Electronic Design t-shirts into this month's quiz, so put your knowledge to the test and hit that submit button! Here's a sample question: Q. As the width of a wire increases, its resistance: A. Increases --- B. Decreases --- C.- Remains the same.... Click here to take the test and win a t-shirt! http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3A6:F6E03 *************************ADVERTISEMENT************************** Communications can never be too fast or simple. You're passionate about delivering innovative technologies to continuously drive telecom and datacom advancements. As the #3 worldwide supplier in Wired Communications and a leader in xDSL, Voice Access, T/E Carrier and Wireless, we help you succeed. See how our Smart Chip solutions can make your next design even more innovative. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3AD:F6E03 **************************************************************** ********************** 4. Magazine Highlights ********************** In case you missed them, here are some of the high points of our most recent issue. July 7, 2005: * Cover Story: Engineering Feature -- Time Is Ticking... Lead-Free In A Year Or Else Most companies are responding to the European directives to remove lead (and other toxic substances) from their products, while others still try to figure it out. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3A0:F6E03 * Technology Report: Denser, Faster Chips Deliver Knockout DSP Performance Faster clocks, highly parallel architectures, and long instruction words push throughput to incredible levels. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3A4:F6E03 * Leapfrog: First Look -- MEMS/Nano Advances Help Quench Sensor-Thirsty Apps Defense, homeland-security, military, communications, and aerospace applications are on the prowl for MEMS/nano sensor innovations. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3A1:F6E03 * Design View/Design Solution -- Try A Hybrid Flow To Overcome Hierarchical Design Limitations Instead of black-box modeling, use pseudoblocks during top-level design for the parts of your design that will cause timing violations and routing congestion. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3A3:F6E03 For the complete Table of Contents, go to Electronic Design ==> http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3A5:F6E03 ********************** 5. Electronic Design Helpline ********************** Electronic Design reader C.N. Rajendra Simha asks: "I am looking for some design tips on negative-to-positive voltage converters. I am specifically looking for +5-V generation from negative RS-232 signals (like RTS) for one of our designs." Do you have any tips, ideas, or resources to offer? Please e-mail your ideas to Lisa Maliniak mailto:[email protected] for posting on the Electronic Design Web site. ***Readers seeking help with design problems or in need of design tips and techniques are encouraged to e-mail us at mailto:[email protected] for posting in future editions of the ED Update newsletter. **************************************************************** Embedded in Electronic Design (EiED) Online is your source for technical insight and hands-on reviews. Read Bill Wong's latest EiED Online column, "Wireless in Orlando," as Freescale's Technology Forum unwraps wireless wonders. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3A2:F6E03 ********************** TAKE A POLL! In the near term, which approach will most designers exploit to extend battery life in portable devices? -- Further refinements in lithium-ion battery technology -- Direct methanol fuel cells -- PMBus point-of-load power management -- Higher dc-dc converter efficiency -- None of the above Vote at Electronic Design ==> http://www.elecdesign.com **************************************************************** Need To Go Green? We Can Help! The European Union, as well as Japan and China, are about to restrict the use of environmentally hazardous materials in electronic components and systems through the Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. Electronic Design's RoHS Reference Center has the information you need to make the shift to green designs. The third chapter of our eBook, "Electronic Design's Guide To New International Environmental Laws," is now available for download. And don't miss our comprehensive list of industry and government Web sites and contacts. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3AA:F6E03 **************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE ONLINE TO ELECTRONIC DESIGN If you're reading this e-newsletter, then you are either a current Electronic Design subscriber, or should be (145,000 of your peers are). To apply for or renew a subscription to Electronic Design absolutely FREE and without paperwork or hassle, click on the link below. http://nls.planetee.com/t?ctl=E3A9:F6E03 ****************************************************************




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