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Electronic Design UPDATE: September 6, 2006

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September 6, 2006
How-to get the right thermal control
Portage Electric Products now offers an on-line "How-To" Guide to Better Thermal Control Applications. This easy to use resource takes an in-depth look at the different types of devices available and how each is best used. It also covers ways to customize thermal controls to better suit your particular application. Portage Electric Products is the only thermal control manufacturer offering multiple options for configuration, footprint, cost and customization. www.pepiusa.com.

Today's Table Of Contents:
  1. Feature Report: Picatinny Arsenal: R&D Home of America’s Lethal Firepower
  2. Focus On Sensors: Fingerprint Sensor Adds Security Layer
  3. News From The Editors:
    Bright Future Seen For Chip-Based Light Amplifier
    Rooftop PV Data Predicts Solar Energy Yield
    Test System Supplier Helps Implement Accelerated Testing
  4. Magazine Highlights: September 1, 2006
    Engineering Feature: Military R&D 101
    Technology Report: Video Processing Brings New Meaning To Motion
    Leapfrog First Look: iSCSI Does 10G Ethernet
    Design View/Design Solution: Optimized Interconnect Eliminates Limits In Orthogonal Architectures

Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Lisa Maliniak, eMedia Editor

feature report

Picatinny Arsenal: R&D Home of America’s Lethal Firepower
By Roger Allan, Contributing Editor

No matter how well it works, a military piece of equipment can do better. That in short is the ultimate aim of thousands of researchers, physicists, and engineers at the U.S. Army's Picatinny Arsenal. Located in Dover, NJ, it is home to over 3,000 civilian and defense employees, most of whom are civilian. Work at the Army is unique and is not duplicated by anyone in the commercial sector. Picatinny essentially takes whatever electronic equipment is out in the field and re-works it to make it better, lighter, more accurate and more functional and easier to use...

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focus on sensors

Fingerprint Sensor Adds Security Layer

Fujitsu introduced the latest member of its fingerprint sensor family, the MBF320 Sweep Sensor. It features TrustedCore pre-boot authentication (PBA), fingerprint-matching algorithms and biometric software from Cogent Systems, and a USB 2.0 full-speed interface...

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It’s an LDMOS innovation for the ISM market.
Introducing the first RF power transistors housed in cost-efficient, over-molded plastic that deliver spectacular performance for the industrial, scientific and medical market. They deliver gain 5 dBs higher than the competition and exceptional efficiency at up to 70%. Our VHV6 LDMOS RF solutions are being implemented in applications such as plasma generators, laser exciters and MRI systems. Click here for more information.
news from the editors

Bright Future Seen For Chip-Based Light Amplifiers
Alexander Gaeta's heavy research into light technology promises to lead to speedy microchips that use streams of photons barreling down microscopic waveguides instead of electricity flowing through minute wires...

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Rooftop PV Data Predicts Solar Energy Yield
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) began a 15-month research project to determine the effectiveness of new generations of photovoltaic (PV) roofing products. At its new Roof Photovoltaic Test Facility, NIST is monitoring the electrical performance and thermal performance of seven different residential systems...

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Test System Supplier Helps Implement Accelerated Testing
The Direct Customer Advantage Program from QualMark Corp., Denver, Colo., offers on-line access to timely information to support accelerated reliability testing programs. Through the program, customers can receive software downloads, software debug kits, spares kits, maintenances planners...

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Register Now for the Embedded Systems Conference Boston 2006!
September 25-28, 2006 at the Hynes Convention Center.
Accomplish more in one day at ESC than four days in the office. Compare products and get answers directly from engineers. Find solutions you can't find online or in marketing materials. Get design solutions for topics such as Linux/Open Source, Security, Eclipse, DSP, Hardware, UML/SysML, and Java. Register by September 21st to save up to $300, use code UX29, www.embedded.com/esc/boston
magazine highlights: September 1, 2006

\[ Cover Feature: Engineering Feature \]
Military R&D 101
Many of the military’s newest and most sophisticated technologies lie behind ivy-covered walls on the nation’s campuses.

\[ Technology Report \]
Video Processing Brings New Meaning To Motion
Hundreds of video processing and compression methods present a real challenge for analog and digital video engineers.

\[ Leapfrog: First Look \]
iSCSI Does 10G Ethernet
Increased hardware acceleration makes iSCSI manageable at 10-Gbit/s line speeds.

\[ Design View/Design Solution \]
Optimized Interconnect Eliminates Limits In Orthogonal Architectures
Advances in level 3 backplane system technology provides a novel approach to meeting today’s high-speed orthogonal architecture requirements.

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embedded in electronic design online

Building A Multimedia Home Control Center, Part 1

Embedded in Electronic Design (EiED) Online is your source for technical insight and hands-on reviews. Read Embedded Technology Editor Bill Wong's latest EiED Online column, "Building A Multimedia Home Control Center, Part 1." Looking to control everything in your house? See how Bill constructed a multimedia home control center built around Sharp’s LC-37D40U 37-in HDTV.

photos wanted!

Submit Photos And Get Paid!

Grab some photos showing the "guts and glory" of you (and your team) at work. We need them for our "Day in the Life of an Electronic Designer" photo essay, which will appear in Electronic Design's Oct. 20 special issue. There's a $500 Grand Prize for best photo series and $250 prize for best photo, and we pay $50 if we use any of your photos in the issue. Please include the names and titles of all photo subjects, as well as company name and the type of work-in-process illustrated by the photo. Digital photos should be in .tif or .jpg formats and must have resolution of at least 300 dpi. Deadline for submission is Sept. 15. E-mail digital photos to Managing Editor Richard Gawel at: [email protected].

product picks online

  • Electronic Design Automation: CAD Upgrade Helps Users Improve Product Maintenance
  • Embedded Hardware/Software: Real-Time Virtual Machine Ported To VxWorks 6.x
  • Analog/Power: Eight-Channel Demo Kit Evaluates Ultrasound Applications
  • Test: Analysis Software Handles Enhanced PCI Express Standard
  • Wireless: Compliance Receiver Performs CISPR EMI Tests Check all of our online product picks at ElectronicDesign.com.

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