Electronic-Paper-Display Driver Boasts 400 Channels

Electronic-Paper-Display Driver Boasts 400 Channels

The IXEP1400 electronic-paper-display (EPD) gate driver from IXYS Integrated Circuits Division features 400 outputs rated for ±15 V. Data entered via the shift-register input controls the display’s pixels. Maximum clock frequency is 50 MHz. The IC, capable of bidirectional data transfer, supports three-level gray scaling. Multiple IXEP1400s can share a common data bus. It’s suitable to drive segment or active-matrix displays; applications include wearable mobile devices, portable battery-operated mobile devices, secondary displays for smartphones and tablets, eBooks, electronic shelf labels, smart cards, and signage. When used with the company’s IXEP2300 300-channel gate driver, it can create a complete driver solution for EPDs. The device is available as gold bumped die supplied in wafer form, or in waffle pack carriers.


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