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Electrostatic Actuator Fits MEMS Micro-Mirror Systems

Electrostatic Actuator Fits MEMS Micro-Mirror Systems

The DH0485A electrostatic actuator high-voltage IC, integrating a dc-dc boost converter and 16-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with SPI interface in a 6- by 6-mm QFN 33L package, suits portable systems containing MEMS micro-mirrors with up to four electrodes. Developed by Teledyne DALSA’s Semiconductor Foundry, the low-noise device can electrostatically actuate one biaxial or two uni-axial MEMS micro-mirrors up to 240 V thanks to its high-voltage design.  It incorporates four independent 16-bit high-voltage amplifiers up to 240 V, and 2-bit voltage selector pins enable 90-, 115-, 170-, and 240-V outputs. The SPI/3-wire interface permits DAC programming up to 50 MHz. It also includes a low-pass filter to avoid MEMS resonance frequency, and an internal diode for temperature monitoring.


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