Encapsulated 60-W AC-DC Supply Ups Power Density

Encapsulated 60-W AC-DC Supply Ups Power Density

XP Power’s ECE60 series of single-output, encapsulated 60-W ac-dc power supplies suit applications that require a slim profile, a high power density and low no-load power consumption. The ECE60 is available in either printed-circuit-board (PCB) mount, chassis mounted with screw terminals, or in a DIN-rail mount configuration. The PCB-mounted module features a 91.4- by 38.1- by 28.0-mm footprint and power density greater than 10 W per cubic inch.

Consisting of eight models, the power-supply family delivers all popular nominal output voltages from + 3.3 to + 48 V dc. Peak load capability provides up to 130% of rated output power for up to 30 seconds to accommodate a higher startup current, perhaps when powering a motor. Such an approach avoids having to specify a higher-rated power supply to provide for an occasional peak load requirement.

Because no-load power consumption is less than 0.3 W and efficiency reaches 89%, the ECE60 series also ensures that end products meet the criteria of energy-saving initiatives. In most envrionments, operating temperature ranges from – 25 to + 70°C, with no derating until + 50°C.


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