Energy-Harvesting Design Platform Uses Ultra-Low-Power MCU

Energy-Harvesting Design Platform Uses Ultra-Low-Power MCU

At the Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe exhibition in Berlin, Canova Tech demonstrated a design platform for ultra-low-power energy-harvesting applications. The platform enables test and validation of energy-harvesting cell concepts or applications that use Canova Tech’s ETA platform harvester module. The development tool, documentation, and datasheets are all available off-the-shelf to shorten overall development time. Based on Canova Tech’s intellectual property (IP) implemented on silicon, any type of harvesting cell—be it thermoelectric, solar, piezo, or magnetic—can power an energy-harvesting application with a sensor, a display, and an actuator that is software-managed by a microcontroller. The module features ON Semiconductor’s LC87F7932B microcontroller, which is designed especially for energy-harvesting applications. It also features 0.45-µA average power consumption in real-time clock (RTC) mode and 1.5-µA total average power consumption while controlling an LCD in RTC operation. A 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) intermittently operates for temperature measurement.


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