Energy-Saving 1200-V IGBTs Cut Losses To Increase Efficiency

Energy-Saving 1200-V IGBTs Cut Losses To Increase Efficiency

By leveraging second-generation trench-gate, field-stop, high-speed technology, STMicroelectronics’ H series of 1200-V insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) help boost energy efficiency and promote ruggedness in applications ranging from solar inverters to power-factor-correction converters. The device feature up to 15% lower turn-off losses and up to 30% lower turn-on losses than previous models. Saturation voltage drops down to 2.1 V (typical, at nominal collector current and 100°C) minimizes overall losses for higher-efficiency operation at switching frequencies above 20 kHz. An optional integrated very-fast-recovery anti-parallel diode optimizes performance in hard-switching circuits and diminishes energy losses in circuits with a freewheel diode. The IGBTs’ ruggedness is evidenced by latch-up-free operation at up to four times the nominal current, and minimum short-circuit times of 5 µs (at 150°C starting junction temperature). Extended maximum operating junction temperature of 175°C enhances lifetime and simplifies system cooling. The devices display a near ideal waveform during switching events, which enhances electromagnetic interference (EMI) characteristics. All IGBTs, available in 15-, 25-, and 40-A versions, come in TO-247 packages.


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