Expanded 600-V Trench IGBT Family Covers Broader Power Range

Expanded 600-V Trench IGBT Family Covers Broader Power Range

International Rectifier’s latest additions to its ruggedized IRxx46xx 600-V insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) series are optimized to meet a complete power-range spectrum, from small motors and loads to industrial applications such as uninterruptible power supplies and induction heating. The entire family of 23 IGBTs employs trench thin-wafer Field Stop technology to foster low and balanced conduction and switching losses. Co-packaged with a soft-recovery low-QRR diode (for improved efficiency and reduced electromagnetic interference), the devices feature ultra-fast switching with a 5-µs short-circuit rating, low VCE(ON), and positive VCE(ON) temperature coefficient to facilitate paralleling. Depending on the device, packaging options include DPAKs,
D2PAKs, TO-220s, and TO-247ACs (one IGBT comes in a Super TO-247).


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