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Fast Rectifiers Handle Telecom Secondary-Side Duties

A family of high-frequency rectifiers is optimized for use on the secondary side of telecommunication power supplies, where voltage spikes in the range of 250V to 280V are often encountered. The STTHxx03 Series rectifiers retain the performance characteristics of the 200V BYW family and are built on a new process that increases the repetitive peak reverse voltage rating to 300V for greater converter efficiency and reliability.The new devices have the same ultrafast, low-noise, soft-recovery characteristics as the 200V BYW units. However, their reverse leakage current of 20 µA at a junction temperature of 25°C is ten times lower than the earlier types, allowing maximum junction temperature to be increased to 175°C. Forward voltage drop is less than 1V at a junction temperature of 125°C. The rectifiers are also suited for use in other switch-mode power supply and high-frequency dc-to-dc converter applications.


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