FERDs Shrink Battery-Charger Dimensions

FERDs Shrink Battery-Charger Dimensions

Thanks to a combination of low forward voltage drop (VF) and low leakage current (IR), STMicroelectronics’ new family of field-effect rectifier diodes (FERDs) boosts energy efficiency without expensive synchronous rectification techniques. The ST FERD family meets the efficiency levels required by the energy-savings standards applicable to offline switch-mode power supplies, at about 30% less cost than a synchronous rectification kit.

The diodes, available 15- to 30-A and 45- to 60-V ranges, are based on a patented technology that achieves best-in-class VF/IR for a given silicon surface area.  For example, a 30-A device using FERD technology reduces VF by about 140 mV compared to a conventional 30-A Schottky diode, without increasing the leakage current.

With its lower VF and better managed leakage current, ST’s technology increases the current that can flow for a given package’s power dissipation. Benefits include faster charging of smartphones and tablets, reduced notebook-charger size and weight, and increased lifetime of the equipment due to a lower operating temperature.


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