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Flyback Transformers Exploit Low-Profile EFD Cores

Flyback Transformers Exploit Low-Profile EFD Cores

The B82802 series SMD flyback transformers rely on low-profile, surface-mount EFD15, EFD20, and EFD25 core sizes that enable insertion heights of 8.65 mm to 14.8 mm depending on the transformer type. The components span a power range between 12W and 55W and accept input voltages between 36V and 60V at a clock frequency of 100 kHz with a duty ratio up to 50%. For standard versions, the output power divides among two or three windings. This results in voltages of 3.3V at currents of 1.2A to 3.3A, 5V at 0.8A to 5.5A, and 12V at 0.5A to 2.3A. TDK-EPC CORP., Iselin, NJ. (800) 888-7728.

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