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FRFET Family Improve Efficiency And Turn-Off DV/DT Immunity

Claiming improved efficiency and turn-off DV/DT immunity, a family of 500V, fast-recovery MOSFETs (FRFETs) combine a low FOM QFET topology with an electron process. This approach is said to achieve fast recovery characteristics and operating frequencies up to 250 kHz when used in full-bridge, phase-shift zero voltage switching configurations.Compared to conventional MOSFETs, the FRFETs demonstrate over 50% improvement in diode reverse recovery specs and increased turn-off DV/DT immunity. They are available with current ratings of 24A (FQA24N50F), 28A (FQA28N50F), and 40A (FQL40N50F) and priced at $4, $4.50, and $6, respectively, each/1,000. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA. (408) 822-2279.


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