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GaAs MOSFET Delivers 70 W Of Output Power

With 70W of output power, the NES2427P-70 is a high gain, high efficiency GaAs MOSFET that can be configured to serve as an output stage in medium power applications or as a driver for 140W devices. The device features high power added efficiency so power consumption is said to be low. Its low thermal resistance results in cooler operation and its claimed, and the ability to operate the device at higher bias current to achieve higher linearity. The chip is a twin transistor device. Partially matched, its two sides can be combined externally in either a balanced or a push-pull configuration. Its GaAs MOSFET chips feature Tungsten Silicide gates for high reliability, silicon dioxide and nitride passivation for surface stability, and plated heat sinks for reduced thermal resistance. The device is priced at $149.00 each/100.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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