German Design Centre Helps Deliver Custom IGBT Drivers

German Design Centre Helps Deliver Custom IGBT Drivers

Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) driver manufacturer CT-Concept Technologie, now part of Power Integrations, has opened a design centre in Ense, Germany. The facility will develop semi-custom gate-drive designs based on its driver cores and produce full-custom drivers using Concept’s SCALE-2 platform for large projects. The facility has been staffed with specialist designers to address the needs of high-power system developers with unusual technical requirements or short development schedules. SCALE-2 chipsets provide high levels of integration, resulting in low component count and consequent high reliability. Features including direct paralleling and Dynamic Advanced Active Clamping (DA2C) reduce system cost by requiring less de-rating when IGBT modules are used in parallel.
CT-Concept Technologie

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