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Half-Bricks Pump Out 450 W

MOVE OVER, 450-W full-brick amplifiers. The Veta iHA48016A280V 28-V half-brick amplifier offers the identical power output, saving space and lowering cost. This makes the TDK Innoveta amp a natural fit for next-generation, high-speed mobile-communication power amplifiers.

A 40- to 60-V bus powers the device, and 94% conversion efficiency keeps heat to a minimum. Power-dissipating components are mounted directly to an integrated metal substrate. So for cold-plate or "clamshell" applications, common in wireless power amplifiers, the iHA48016A280V requires no derating up to 100°C baseplate temperatures.

Auto-recovery protects against input overvoltage and undervoltage and over-temperature, as well as output overcurrent and overvoltage. Latching output overvoltage protection is optional.

The converter is approved to EN60950 for basic insulation. The iHA48016A280V costs $110 each in 1000-unit quantities.

TDK Innoveta Inc.

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