Half-Bridge Power Modules Eye Appliance Apps

Half-Bridge Power Modules Eye Appliance Apps

International Rectifier expanded its µIPM family of compact power modules with the IRSM808-105MH and IRSM807-105MH, which are targeted at high-efficiency appliance and light industrial applications with motor power up to 300 W.
Housed in 8- by 0- by 0.9-mm PQFN packages, the half-bridge power modules are 60% smaller than comparable three-phase motor control power ICs, according to the company.  Thus, they offer a compact solution for applications such as compressor drives for refrigeration, pumps for heating and water circulation, air-conditioning fans, dishwashers, and automation systems.
Integrated with high-voltage FredFET MOSFETs optimized for variable frequency drives, the µIPM family offers dc current ratings ranging from 2 to 10 A and voltages of 250 V and 500 V. This new approach uses printed-circuit-board (PCB) copper traces to dissipate heat from the module, which cuts cost and space resulting from the smaller package design and elimination of an external heat sink.
The standard QFN-packaging technology also simplifies assembly by doing away with through-hole second pass assembly, and improves thermal performance compared to traditional dual-in-line module solutions.


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