Half-/Full-Bridge Drivers Extend Life Of Multi-Cell Li-Ion-Powered Products

Half-/Full-Bridge Drivers Extend Life Of Multi-Cell Li-Ion-Powered Products

The HIP2103 and HIP2104 half-/full-bridge drivers can significantly extend power usage and overall product life of 5- to 50-V multi-cell lithium-ion battery devices, according to developer Intersil. In addition, their configurable topology makes possible half-bridge, full-bridge, and three-phase motor-driven applications. An innovative control method enables operation of less than 8 µA in sleep mode, thus eliminating a disconnect switch to maintain idle battery life when a device is not in use. Proprietary sleep-mode activation also removes the need for added I/O control pins. A bridge phase node pin withstands negative voltage transients up to ‒10 V without duration constraints, preventing voltage kickback and eliminating the need for voltage-clamping circuits. The HIP2104 integrates two linear low-dropout regulators for external loads to allow for direct bias from the battery and a boostrap FET, which does away with external diodes. The drivers come in 3- by 3-mm and 4- by 4-mm thin dual flat no-lead (TDFN) packages. Applications range from portable medical equipment to handheld power tools and home-automation products.


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