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Headphone Amp Bridges Low Power And Distortion

As multimedia becomes ubiquitous, personal electronic devices now require a driver for audio outputs. Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced the FAN7005 headphone amplifier to fill the conflicting requirements for high fidelity and low power consumption.

The FAN7005 is a dual, fully differential audio power amplifier providing 200 mW (typical) of continuous power into an 8-Ù load. When driving 200 mÙ into an 8-Ù load from a 5-V power supply, the FAN7005 has less than 0.3% of total harmonic distortion plus noise over the entire audible frequency range. It also includes internal thermal shutdown protection, unity-gain stability, and stability under no load condition. The part can be used in a single-ended mode for higher-impedance (32 Ù) headphones with some changes in external passive components, but with a reduced dynamic range.

Samples are available immediately. Packaged in an eight-pin mini-SOP or SOP package, the part lists at $0.45 in lots of 1000.

Fairchild Semiconductor

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