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HEXFET Power MOSFETs Increase Efficiency Up To 3%

Capable increasing efficiency up to 3% in buck and isolated dc/dc topologies, the IRF7811W control FET and IRF7822 HEXFET synchronous FET, application-specific power MOSFETs are manufactured using a new stripe trench process. The stated advantage of this new process is the decoupling of device on-resistance and capacitance, resulting in low device on-resistance and low gate charge. In addition, these parts reduce part counts from 25% to 50% while maintaining the same efficiency level. Available in a SO-8package, both device have a Vds of 30V and a Vgs of 12V. The IRF7811W offers an ID of 14A, QG of 18 nC typical, and an on-resistance of 9m ohm. The IRF7811W has an ID of 18A, QG of 44 nC typical, and an on-resistance of 5m ohm. Prices start at $1.27 each/10,000.


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