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HEXFETs Maximize Battery Life

The IRF7701, 7702, 7750 and 7700 12V and 20V, P-channel HEXFET power MOSFETs are claimed to set new battery mangement and power conversion efficiency standards in a TSSOP-8 package. Said to be 21% better than competing devices, the 12V IRF7701 and IRF7702 have on-resistances of 11 milliohms and 14 milliohms at 4.5V, respectively. These 12V devices guarantee on-resistance performance with a gate voltage of 1.8V.
The 20V IRF7750 and IRF7700 devices feature an on-resistance of 30 milliohms and 15 milliohms at 4.5V, respectively. Samples and production quantities are available immediately and pricing is $0.95 for the IRF7702 and $1.08 for the IRF7700, 7701 and 7750 each/10K.


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