High-Efficiency IGBTs Feature 650-V Extended Rating

High-Efficiency IGBTs Feature 650-V Extended Rating

According to STMicroelectronics, its HB series of insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) offer 40% lower turn-off energy losses than comparable devices, while reducing conduction losses by up to 30%. The company’s Trench-Gate Field-Stop High-Speed technology minimizes the IGBTs’ collector-current turn-off tail and diminish saturation voltage down to 1.6 V (typical). The well-controlled technology produces a tight distribution window of parameters to enhance repeatability and simplify design. Their extended 650-V voltage rating helps to ensure at least 600-V breakdown voltage in ambient temperatures down to ‒40°C. Maximum operating junction temperature of 175°C plus a wide safe operating area (SOA) enables smaller heatsinks. Options include maximum current ratings from 30 to 80 A (at 100°C) and a co-packed diode for resonant or hard-switching circuits. Applications range from solar inverters, induction heaters, and welders to uninterruptible power supplies, power-factor correction, and other high-frequency power converters. The STGW30H65FB is currently in mass production.


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