High-Frequency Two-Switch-Forward IC Shrinks Magnetics, Component Count

High-Frequency Two-Switch-Forward IC Shrinks Magnetics, Component Count

Two-switch-forward main (66/132 kHz) and flyback (132 kHz) power-supply controller ICs combined with integrated high-voltage MOSFETs save more than 20 components in Power Integrations’ HiperTFS-2 family. For example, including the high-side MOSFET driver makes it possible to eliminate the pulse transformer and numerous other supporting components. Furthermore, the two-switch-forward main converter’s selectable switching frequency of between 66 and 132 kHz reduces cost, enabling the use of very small magnetics. The ICs also deliver 175% peak power, which is a requirement for next-generation Intel CPUs. Efficiencies climb to more than 90% at full load. Up to 364 W total output power (586 W peak) comes in a compact, two-row eSIP power package. Included is protection against undervoltage, overvoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent, and short circuit. A transformer-reset control function prevents saturation under all conditions. Applications include gaming-console adapters and industrial products.


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