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High-Gain N-Channel JFETs Offer Low Noise

The LS847, LS848 and LS849 family of dual monolithic, N-channel JFETs is designed to improve the performance of input stage applications within wideband differential amplifiers and high-speed comparators. The JFETs provide low noise (3 nV/Hz at f = 10 kHz) and low offsets of 2, 5 and 10 mV, respectively. They're improved pin-for-pin replacements for the 2N5911 and 2N5912 devices.All exhibit high transconductance of more than 4000 µmho at frequencies through 100 MHz. They also offer low leakage of less than 10 pA at 25°C and accommodate larger transients by operating at up to 40V (LS849) and 50V (LS847 and LS848).


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