High Input-Voltage-Range Series Added To QP DC-DCs

High Input-Voltage-Range Series Added To QP DC-DCs

Pico Electronics’ HiQP dc-dc converter series features an input voltage range of 125 to 475 V dc, with output voltages from 5 to 200 V dc plus 50-W output power. It’s the latest addition to the company’s existing QP series, which offers 5-, 12-, 24-, and 48-V dc inputs with regulated output voltages from 5 to 500 V dc at power ratings up to 50 W. The devices come in 2.5- by 1.55- by 0.5-in encapsulated modules. All incorporate protection against overtemperature, overvoltage and undervoltage, and short circuit. Other features include a 5% trim capability, remote shutdown option, 3-V reference pin, and special bias control pin for use in a capacitor charging design. Units can be upgraded for military applications thanks to an expanded operating temperature option of −55 to +95°C.


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