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High-Isolation DC-DC Converters Meet Safety Standards

The THB-3 Series of high-isolation (4000 V ac RMS) dc-dc converters feature supplementary and reinforced insulation and are qualified to UL60950-1 and UL60601-1 safety standards. The converters come in 18 models with input ranges of 9-16 V, 18-36 V, and 36-75 V dc and outputs of 5, 12, 24, ±12, and ±15 V dc. Output power is 3 W, and operating temperature range is -40° to +85°C. An internal input filter meets EN55022 (class A) and FCC (level A) standards. The full SMD design and exclusive use of ceramic capacitors ensure high reliability, with mean time between failures rated at greater than 1 million hours.

The THB-3 series is well suited for demanding applications in transportation systems, industrial controls, medical equipment, instrumentation, and other systems where high I/O isolation is needed. Prices start at $22.50 for 100 pieces, and delivery is from stock to eight weeks. Complete specifications are available at www.tracopower.com.

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