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High-Performance Low-Cost Power Controller Available Off-The-Shelf

Designed to replace electromagnetic circuit breakers rated at 10 A, the Micropac 53248 Solid-State High Side Power Controller (SSPC) features isolated controls, and isolated status outputs. Features include thermal shutdown protection, under- and over-voltage protection with auto-restart, current limitation and short circuit protection. The 28 vdc device uses N-channel vertical- power FET technology with an integral charge pump. Internal circuitry senses the output FET temperature and automatically shuts off the SSPC before the safe limit of junction temperature is exceeded. As a result, the manufacturer notes that the device is capable of putting out surge currents in excess of the rated current, but will reliably trip for constant current loads. When the unit is tripped due to an overload, it will automatically reset itself after a cool-down period. Pricing for the 53248 SSPC is less than $100 each/500.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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