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High-Side Current Monitors Ease High-Voltage Measurement

High-Side Current Monitors Ease High-Voltage Measurement

Consisting of six high-side current monitors for 40V and 60V operation, the ZXCT108X devices detect current in a high side sense resistor and reference it to ground, thereby reducing system circuit complexity. For industrial and computer power supply apps, the ZXCT1083, ZXCT1085, and ZXCT1087 support a 2.7V to 40V range. The ZXCT1082, ZXCT1084 and ZXCT1086, rated for 2.7V to 60V operation, handle automotive load dump and SELV circuits. With independent supply and common-mode voltage inputs, the devices permit current measurement beyond the limits of normal power supply rails. Their 0.6-µA quiescent current means associated measurement errors are significantly reduced. Available in SOT25 packages, pricing for the ZXCT108X current monitors starts at $0.475 each/10,000.  DIODES INC., Westlake Village, CA. (805) 446-4800.


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